Pretty Purses

While researching purses for this look, I found some pretty purses that are definitely worth a mention.

Mini Suede Grab Bag
$65 at Asos.com To Buy

Bright Trim Canvas Shopper
$52 at Asos.com To Buy

ALDO Pasculli Crossbody Bag
$36 at Zappos.com To Buy

ALDO Lasenby Shoulder Bag
$32 at Zappos.com To Buy

Pretty purses add the perfect polish to any warm weather outfit.  For less than $75, these pretty purses will give your outfit a lot of look for not a lot of investment.  The prettiest feature of them all?  They are functional. 

Is there anything more beautiful than a purse that is fashion and function?

I think not...except this.

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