An Update On A Few Holiday Posts

If you are like me, you have been out shopping once every day since Thanksgiving.  What?  You haven't?  So you have like actual hobbies?

Oh well, while you were bettering yourself, I was out doing additional research on some previously discussed holiday finds.

Original Post #1:  Shoe Stock Up at Forever 21 :  I shared with you 3 cute pairs of shoes that could be yours for less than $35.  Well, I have found one more pair that is perfect for the holidays!

Sequined Flats
$16.80 at forever21.com To Buy

Last year I bought a pair of sequined pumps and was surprised how much wear I got out of them especially during the holiday season.  I love these because they add instant snazz to an otherwise basic outfit.  Black skinny pants and white blouse...snazz.  Cuffed jeans and turtleneck sweater...snazz.  Add statement earrings to both outfits...double snazz.

Original Post #2:  More Than Just Make-UpI feel duped.  Somehow I did not even know this existed.

Souffle Body Creme Sampler
$50 at department stores and lauramercier.com To Buy

I am not going to lie...I think $50 is a bit much for this gift set but if you have someone on your list who loves or wants to love Laura, and there is a bit more in the budget, this gift set is dec-a-dent.  Previously I have professed my love for the pistcahe and creme brulee scents but new in 2010...the fresh fig!  One would not think fresh fig to smell all that enticing but in my opinion, it is lovely.  The Soufflee Body Creme is the ultimate winter luxury and with the inclusion of Fresh Fig, a hot gift.

Original Post #3:  Do They Make This In My SizeApparently I am a woman in her 30's who wants to shop at GAPKids.  Well, now add Jessica Simpson Girl's shoes to the list.

"Jacey" by Jessica Simpson
$40 at piperlime.com and Macys stores To Buy

Oh, Jessie.  And here I thought you just designed platform pumps.  Turns out you have more on your footwear resume than I thought.  Well done on these cute glitter flats for the girls who one day aspire to wear your platforms.  You know I cannot resist a glitter flat either.

Just wanted to keep you posted!

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