Long Weekend Ideas

Basically I have come to the conclusion that my co-workers and I are the only people in America working this week...not complaining because my usual commute has been half as long and I get to parade out all my new Christmas fashions and discuss their origin at length.

Don't feel too sorry for me though because as of last night at 6pm, I have three days off...in a row...on a weekend!  What's a woman to do?  In my case head out of town but for those of you looking for some suggestions, here are some ideas for your long weekend ahead.

Idea #1: Browse the sale pages of bloomingdales.com

Click here to get started.

My husband always makes a case for waiting until after Christmas to buy one anothers' gifts because the prices are so much lower.  I always protest but after viewing Bloomingdale's sale, I sort of wish I would have taken up his offer.  So much to choose from!  Here are a few of my picks:


L to R: Aqua Printed Ruffle Camisole $46.80 To Buy
Quotation: Autumn Cashmere Flame Stitch Swancho $71.20 To Buy


L to R:  DVF "Meghan" Leopard Print Merino Wool Scarf $138.60 To Buy
House of Harlow 1960 Peacock Necklace $57.75 To Buy

Artwork-inspired cami, a favorite wardrobe staple for this CC...a Missoni-inspired long cardigan?  I'm in!  And remember this guy?  Now you can have the coordinating scarf and be neck-to-knee neon yellow leopard print!  This House of Harlow 1960 Peacock necklace made every accessories editors' Must Have list and now you can have yours for almost half price.

This is just a sampling of Bloomingdale's super sale selection...and they are also having their annual handbag markdown event...double bonus.  Try to tear yourself away from your computer at some point (bonus idea).

Idea #2: The Cost Plus World Market $25 Challenge

The idea is simple.  Head to Cost Plus World Market and limit yourself to a $25 spend limit and see how much you can take home.  In case you were wondering, that's around 8 bottles of Electric Reindeer which is now on sale for $2-$3 a bottle.  Electric Reindeer is still very January.

Here are some of the international treasures I took home:

T to B: Silver Mosaic Votive Candleholders Set of 2 for $5.98 To Buy, Red Naveen Pillar Candleholders $4.99 to $8.49 To Buy

And you know I had to have these bangles as previously mentioned:

You will have a difficult time limiting yourself just to $25 with all the deals going on in-store.  How can any normal person resist Russian Doll Salt and Pepper Shakers for $3.99 or a set of 4 stemless martini glasses for $5.96?  Uh...they can't!  If you are one of those people who likes to stock-up on their Christmas supplies a year ahead of time when it is much less expensive, you will love their gift wrap.  Three rolls of wrapping paper for less than $4.  Grab a bottle of bubbly for tonight too.

Idea #3:  Go see "The Fighter"

Photo Credit (Suntimes)

True.  I will always have a soft spot for Marky Mark and for some reason angry Christian Bale happens to be my favorite actor, so to have the two of them sharing the same screen?  Yes please!  I acknowledge the reviews have been mixed (mainly because Mark Wahlberg sort of plays the straight man to all the goofballs in his life) but you will not be disappointed.  My husband and I see one movie a year in the theatre because we don't like most movies and hate wasting $40+ (I have to have candy and popcorn) and we both loved this movie.  (Disclaimer: he loves Marky Mark too.)  Males and females alike will enjoy and get this, it is actually more comedy than drama.  Much more crazy family movie than sport movie.  My lazy butt thought it wanted to become a boxer after too?  Don't worry.  That feeling fleeted very quickly.

Idea #4:  Watch a Parenthood Marathon

Photo Credit (NBC)

The last few tv seasons have been disappointing for CC.  I have lost more shows on my DVR than I have gained.  Save for 2:  The Vampire Diaries and Parenthood.  Parenthood is like an All-Star team of tv MVPs.  Five words:  the return of Lorelai Gilmore.  Also Coach, the guy from Six Feet Under (super cute Peter Krause) and really funny Dax Shepard.  You will find Parenthood funny, touching, relatable and you might even cry every other episode.  One of my new favorite conflict resolutions techniques is borrowed from an episode in season 2:  I hear you.  I see you.  Who says you can't get therapy from tv?  The second half of the season 2 starts Tuesday, January 4th so get caught-up!

You can watch both seasons at nbc.com.

Idea #5:  Go to the Rose Bowl or Sugar Bowl (Or Just Watch On Tv)

I did not attend either university but I come from a Big Ten family.  So even though we are bitter rivals when playing against one another, CC always pulls for her fellow Big Ten-ers.  More importantly, this is the sweater I would wear for each of the games, whether watching in-person or from the couch.

Cotton Cable Boatneck Sweater
$39 at victoriassecret.com To Buy

No pressure but CC's team already won their Bowl game.  Granted it was a Bowl I had never heard of but a win nonetheless. 

Idea #6:  Be Happy and Healthy in 2011!

So there you have it!  The last CC post of 2010 -- the year it all began!  I hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekends safely and has a healthy and happy 2011. 

Sorry no philosophy quote applicable for New Years...trust me I tried!

Thank you for reading.


Tara said...

Happy New Year Miss Couture Cheapskate! Congrats on your first year of blogging. I look forward to another fun year of reading to come!!!

Gayle said...

Thanks for the Rose Bowl advice CC! Too bad I saw it after the game and my beloved Badgers lost. :( I was a stylish Badger fan though.