9 Days And Counting: Universal Gifts

The countdown is shockingly on...how did it become mid-December already?

Believe it or not I am actually done shopping give or take a little prezzie here and there.

That being said, we all know the hardest people on our list are always the last presents we have left to shop for.  Over the years I have compiled an arsenal gifts, no matter whom the recipient, that are always a homerun.

1.  UGG Slippers

I will admit, I was slow to jump on the UGG bandwagon, but now that I am on, I will never get off.  You also might be thinking UGGs are just great gifts for women but not true!  Over the last few years I have gifted UGG slippers to some of the men in my life and I would venture to say they might enjoy their UGG slippers more than any woman I know.  Guaranteed no matter whom the recipient, they will love their cozy footwear and be forever grateful for their sheepskin heaven.

L to R: Women's Cozy Knit Heart Slippers $100 at uggaustralia.com To Buy
Men's Ascot Slippers $100 at uggaustralia.com To Buy

CC Tip:  Please remind your recipient to NEVER under any circumstance, not even once, to wear their UGGs with socks.  Just one time can make them stink-o for a lifetime no matter how delightful one's foot might smell.

2.  Kiehl's Skincare Products

Kiehl's skincare products may not be the flashiest gift under the tree but I have yet to find one person who does not appreciate the quality and value of their Kiehl's products.  I literally buy it for everyone on my list from my father-in-law to my boss.  I love Kiehl's because it makes me feel like I am traveling back in time as Kiehl's was originally an apothecary on the Lower East Side.  Plus, they pride themselves on all natural ingredients.  My personal faves:  the Creme de Corps Soy Milk and Honey Body Polish for women and the Facial Fuel Energizer Face Wash for men (I love it too).  Also, people die for the Creme de Corps body lotion.  

Creme de Corps Soy Milk and Honey Body Polisher
$28 at kiehls.com and upscale department stores To Buy

Ultimate Man Collection Set
$50 at kiehls.com and upscale department stores To Buy

3.  GAP t-shirts

GAP makes the best vintage-y tees.  Supersoft and the perfect basic to work with the other more interesting items in anyone's closet.  The best part?  Your recipient does not have to spend their money replacing their basics or stocking-up on everyday tees.  My husband always stocks up on his GAP tees so they are man approved gifts too.  I love the Supersoft long-sleeved T.

GAP Supersoft long-sleeved T
$19.50 at GAP stores and gap.com To Buy

4.  Digital Bank

You might think I am joking but I am not.  I actually gave this gift initially to my husband because we were keeping our change in plastic cups and always curious how much we had.  Well problem solved with a digital bank that counts your change for you and tells you with each addition exactly how much you have.  It was the first birthday gift my husband used and has provided us with countless entertainment since.  It may sound stupid but I can guarantee your recipient will enjoying the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly how much change they have at all times.  You're welcome.

You can find this bank at Macy's, Bed Bath and Beyond for around $10
Kohl's has a fancy leather one for $15

5.  Electric Wine Opener

Well, if you thought the digital bank was too much entertainment for one gift list, then hold onto your bottles because your world is about to get crazy.  I actually received this as a gift from my father-in-law and he could not have been more excited to give it to us because he is so in love with it.  And now that it has been on my counter for two years, I cannot tell you the number of people who love playing with it when they come for a visit.  Everyone fights for who gets to open the wine.  I am still a fan of the Rabbit opener...mainly because I cannot figure out how to work the electric opener?  Add a bottle of Electric Reindeer and you have the perfect give for any adult on your list.

Emerson Electric Wine Bottle Opener
$19.99 at Target and target.com

CC Tip:  You can also find this opener at Bed Bath and Beyond and similar models at most home stores.

These are my rec's for anyone who you may have a hard time shopping for, don't know what to get or just want to add a little something extra under the tree....and if they don't love these gifts like I do?  Revoke their CC membership immediately.  

Enjoy your last weekend before Christmas!

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