CC On the Street -- Navy and White Stripes

Today I had the pleasure of observing a well-dressed woman crossing the street in front of me.  What caught my eye is the riding boots she was wearing that were basically identical to the ones I bought over the summer.  So naturally I was intrigued by what outfit she had put together and what I found, although simple, was very effective...and chic.

Start with already purchased riding boots from gojane.com:

Then add basic white cami and jeggings:

Now the 2 pieces which made this perfectly put-together look a traffic stopper:

What I love:  On their own, none of these pieces is like the most amazing piece of fashion ever known to man but all together they add up to one casual chic look perfect for running errands or a casual hang.  Even better, is the versatility of each piece working back to other pieces already in your wardrobe.  Please check out this cardigan on the forever21 website because it also comes in a royal blue and black combo that is to die for.  Even best?  Did I mention this whole outfit will cost you around $70....including boots?  For 5 pieces and $70 bucks you will be able to mix and match on an inifinite basis.  Insane.

To this I say, "thank you fashionable stranger.  May our paths cross again and I hope to find you in an equally casual chic look.  Please next time carry your handbag in a way which allows me to see how you accessorized more clearly.  Well done."

Boots $31.30 at gojane.com

All remaining items at forever21.com
White cami $4.90
Jeggings $15.80
Cardigan $12.50
Scarf $5.90


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