Beauty Buy #2 -- Forever Sunshine

This time of year fragrance can be a challenge.  With the end of summer it is time to put away the tropical and exotic scents of summer and embrace the spicier notes of Fall.  This brings up one of life's eternal questions, "what fragrance does one use during transition weather?"  Mystery solved.  Forever Sunshine.
Forever Sunshine Shower Gel
$10.50 at Bath and Body Works

Per Bath and Body Works, "Forever Sunshine captures romance of warm days that linger into cool autumn. Experience this fragrance whenever you crave the essence of summer."  

This is scent everyone can enjoy because it is a little floral, a little fruity and a hint of warm and earthy. The notes include golden apricot, pink peonies and a hint of praline.  It is a bit floral but there is enough apricot and praline to keep it in check.  It is available in a Eau de Toilette but if you are someone like me who prefers subtlety, I recommend just using the shower gel.

Bonus...save some in your vanity for the middle of winter when you need a warm weather pick me up or if you are lucky enough to travel during the colder months.

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