Great Game Day Outfit

Besides the parade of fashion's finest down the runways, Fall brings with it another tradition...football season!  Football games are great for gathering your friends and family around taco dip and beer but can be very difficult for us ladies when selecting the perfect outfit that says, "Don't get me wrong, I care about the game but I want to look cute too."  Note: this is where you put the authentic jersey back in your closet.

In true Couture Cheapskate spirit, the perfect football outfit can be made of versatile pieces you can wear beyond game day.

Start with:

Sequin Bib Tee $44.50 at Ann Taylor Loft

I love this shirt by Loft because at its core it is just a basic tee but so much more.  The ornamentation at the neckline makes it interesting but since the sequins are a brushed gold, it is not too much for an afternoon hang.  Even better, just a pair of earrings is all the jewelry you need.

Two more highlights: The pleats at the neckline give the tee a feminine drape but keep the fabric from clinging.  Also, the back ties into a keyhole which again takes this tee to the next level of t-shirt.

Even though not game day appropriate, this tee can be worked into your professional wardrobe because it can be dressed up or down.  It can just as easily be tucked into a black skirt with a jacket over as it can a pair of jeans.  Hidden benefit: recycle your weekend outfit into your Monday morning work outfit when you are too tired to pick something new out.

Add your skinny jeans and boots, a perfect game day uniform:

Couture Cheapskate dressing is all about buying pieces that can be dressed up or down to stretch your wardrobe dollar.  That being said, in the CC game, this tee is a touchdown.

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Gayle said...

I love how AT Loft has re-invented the plain T-shirt. My new favorite place to find "basics."