The Most Amazing Belt Ever

On a recent shopping trip, I picked up this nondescript belt for a friend of mine and did not think too much about it....little did I know we had stumbled upon the most amazing belt ever.  No joke!

Covered Buckle Skinny Belt
$19.90 at The Limited

Oh Covered Buckle Skinny Belt, how I love you...let me count the ways.  #1  It is a classic basic that gets the job done #2  It is available in 7 different colors #3 It is $19.90!!!  and I saved the best for last #4 It is adjustable!

I know the adjustable feature may seem like no big deal BUT for those of us who have had difficulty getting a belt to fit just so, this belt totally eliminates that issue.  You can adjust the belt to fit into a pair of pants or higher up around your waist over sweaters and dresses.  It is basically buying 3 belts for the very low price of 1.  Plus it comes in small, medium and large for an even more precise fit.

Although this belt may not be your superstar, it will definitely be your utility player that keeps your look polished and pulled-together.  And for $19.90?  No brainer...buy 2. 

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Tara said...

I can attest, this belt is amazing! Perfect compliment to any outfit and will give you a polished look. I lurve it!