Couture Cheapskate's Fall Top Trends

The September magazines have hit newsstands featuring all the Fall fashion highlights we can't live without.  At 2-inches wide a piece, it can be a bit overwhelming to decipher what are the key items you must buy to be in style for the upcoming season.

To save you time, I have compiled what I believe to be the most chic, easy to find and wearable trends for Fall 2010:

Green -- It is the color for Fall especially given that military continues to inspire. My favorite hue is emerald as you will see all jewel tones make a major statement for the next 6 months. If green is not a good color on you, try your accessories in green.
Side Ruffle Sweater $49.90 at Limited Stores

Lace -- It's all about the mix of hard and soft; feminine and masculine for Fall fashion. Lace is the perfect wink to your softer side...adding a sexy touch to the otherwise macho fashions showing up on the runway. Easy trend to incorporate on your tees and underpinnings. Believe it or not, lace is everywhere including hosiery and footwear.

Lace Allure Boot $27.80 at forever21.com

Ornamentation -- Put your bedazzler away because everything this season has a stud, sequin or chain.  Sometimes all of the above. The good news is you will save money on jewels because your tops will be coming with the glitz already attached.

Pearl and Chain Tee $49.50 at Loft

Utilitarian footwear -- Dainty, ladylike heels will always be a fashion staple but this Fall it is all about proving fashion can be practical. Okay, so maybe you will not be marching or shoveling snow in your 4-inch booties but at least onlookers might appreciate your perceived commitment to function over fashion.

Lace-up Faux Shearling Bootie $27.90 at gojane.com

Statement jewelry -- The bigger the better! Layer necklaces, rings and bracelets in mixing metals to create the perfect thrown together look where accessory is queen. Many stores are offering statement options and all you have to do is provide the basic for an interesting look. Remember...don't be afraid to experiment. For once, less is not more.

Hive and Honey Statement Necklace $68.00 at piperlime.com
The best part of all these Fall trends is even the novice chic and cheap shopper can find 1 or more of these trends at most stores!  Not to mention all of these trends are easy updates to your existing wardrobe.  The third best part? The variety in price range that you can find each trend.  Happy Fall Shopping!

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iFLASHiES said...

Love the fall trends review! I love that necklace at piperlime. Super cute.