Beauty Buy #3 -- Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

Inspired by my Snazzy pink and Neon Yellow sports bras from Target I discovered yesterday, I decided to share one of my new obsessions that wakes your body up and gets it going. May I introduce you to my friend....

bliss super minty soap'n scrub
$30 at blissworld.com

All of my favorite bath products somehow involve mint and this scrub definitely takes mint to the extreme.  The scrub is thick for moisture and contains jojoba beads for exfoliation.  The peppermint leaves your skin feeling fresh, invigorated and like it has a layer of personal air conditioning sitting on top of it for sometime after you are done bathing.  You may feel a bit like you are rubbing toothpaste all over your body but for those of you who like aromatherapy while you bathe, it is a worthwhile trade-off.

As I have already confessed, exercise is not my passion but according to the bliss website, athletes love this product because it cools you down post-workout.  Does me watching an ANTM marathon in my Snazzy pink sports bra count as a workout?  If not, than those of you like me, will love using this product in the morning when you need a little something extra to get go-going.  Literally your skin will tingle.

Although $30 may seem expensive for a treatment cream, this service at the famous bliss spa would cost upwards of $150.  One bottle will last awhile as this is something to be used only once or twice a week.  I think it is worth spending more on little luxuries like bath products because the invigorating effects will stay with you all day.

To Buy:
8oz. bliss super minty soap'n scrub

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Anonymous said...

I 100% agree! I love this stuff. Stay clear of the nether regions. It can be quite a different wake up call!