Sundays at Target

Like most other Americans, I often find myself at Target on Sundays buying everything from dog food to sleepwear.  Conveniently I almost always end up leaving with stuff I don't actually need but just want because I am sucker for good prices and endcap displays.

A couple finds I stumbled across that I think most ladies would enjoy.

Flannel Pajama Pant in Grey Lace $9.99
Who says your loungewear cannot be stylish?  Comfy, Cozy, Chic and Cheap.  Done and Done.

Seamless Racer Back Bra in Snazzy Pink and Yellow $14.00
I will be the first to admit that sometimes the sports bras in my dresser get a little dusty from lack of use, but if I had one in SNAZZY pink and neon yellow, they definitely would get some wear!  Okay...around the house for lounging purposes.

I am envisioning myself on the couch watching an ANTM marathon in my grey lace flannel pants, snazzy pink sports bra, white t-shirt and Uggs.  Does anything sound more fabulous?

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