Leopard Dilemma

Awhile back I came across this InStyle feature and decided leopard print pants were a must-add to my wardrobe.

Believe it or not it has been hard to find the perfect pair of leopard print pants.  I want a fancier pant that I can dress up or down and wear-to-work versus a pair that is more jean-like. Dilemmas I know! The good news is I have come across two affordable pairs that I think will be incredibly versatile.  Now how to decide which pair?

Leopard Dilemma
[Leopard Dilemma // Merona Skinny Leg Pant at Target // Loft Zoe Ankle Pant (n/a online)]

Obviously for $28, you cannot beat the price of the Target pair but they are lighter than what I was looking for and appear to have a 5-pocket style which I was hoping to avoid.  I love the Loft pair and think they could be exactly what I want despite technically being "dalmatian print."  I am mad at myself because I tried to play the sale waiting game and hoped that the Loft pair would get a second markdown and my size would still be available.  Now my local Loft is sold out of my size.  Wah.

Turns out I may not have much choice in the matter unless I continue to hold-out for the perfect pair.

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