Baby Boo...etc.

I find myself more into Halloween this year.  Not costumes and candy per se, but more from a home decor perspective.  Fine.  And a little bit food-wise I guess.

Unfortunately mercury glass in general, and clearly this skull, do not photograph well.  If you don't believe me, check out the link above.  I will tell you in-person, this skull is pretty cute...if that's possible. Mercury glass is all the rage in home decor and can be pricey so I was pleased to find this gem for $10 at Kohl's.  It kind of reminds me of [Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty].  Perhaps a Halloween decoration that will stay on display past October 31st because skulls are quite en vogue?  Bonus points to those who can identify the book on which this skull sits.

Although technically not Halloween-themed, I have been loving this candle lately.  This candle has a nice balance of fruity, sweet and woodsy notes which, in my opinion, is the ideal fall combo.  Notes of pomegranate, red apple and balsam have left my house feeling cozy which is my ultimate goal come Fall. I rarely go back and buy a candle twice but I must say 'Autumn' is a worthy contender.  I also have my eye on [Cider Lane] so we shall see.

Last but not least brings me to my white pumpkin centerpiece:

I saw on Pinterest someone had decorated white pumpkins using puffy paint and I thought it might be fun to try.  I bought these minis at [Barn Owl Garden] for less than $5 and decided to leave them plain because I thought they were elegant in their simplicity.  I think these guys are called 'Baby Boos' which let's be honest is an amazing name.  You will also note in the background a $2.99 mercury glass votive candleholder and some faux black roses both found at Target.

As a sidenote, keeping with a fall theme, I would recommend the [Yoplait Light Limited Edition Pumpkin Pie yogurt] and [Philadelphia Cream Cheese Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice], both also available at Target.  Because you know I love food.

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I am so glad that you are back to posting - missed you while you were gone.