CC Must Have: Full Pleather Skirt

Let's face it.  Faux leather is fancy talk for pleather.  And while I acknowledge there can be a wide spectrum of pleathers, ranging from tacky and cheap (read: garbage bag) to luxe and overpriced, I surprisingly have always been pleased with the quality of Forever21's faux leather.  I bought a pencil skirt there earlier in the season and could not believe how luxe it looked for under $20.

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The full skirt is the hot skirt silhouette for Fall and like most Falls, leather is a key component.  The reality is leather is a substantial investment in one's wardrobe.  For example this skirt would cost at minimum $500 if the real deal.  So why not invest in a faux version if there is no perceived difference in look and feel to free up more dollars? Besides the countless compliments you will receive, you will be pleased with the value this skirt packs as a modern basic in your wardrobe.

On trend.  Good value.  High style.

So pleather?  Faux leather?  Call it what you will.  Either way, I for one will be completely satisfied with my pleather pencil skirt and full skater skirt to the tune of less than $50 for two faux versatile bottoms.

CC Tip(s):  For taller ladies, size up.  You will want the length and the proportion will be a better fit. Not to mention F21 skirts tend to run short.  Go figure.  Also, these faux leather pieces sell out fast online and are barely available in-store so it is worth taking the chance and ordering online.

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