Floral Blazer / Transition Piece

August shopping can be broken down into two categories: super sale or Fall-transition pieces.

This summer I wore this Forever21 floral blazer quite often:

This blazer was such an easy piece to throw over my basics (including this dress and these pants) that it got me thinking, "Self, wouldn't your life feel more complete if you had a floral blazer in a dark color that you could wear into Fall and beyond?"

Pins And Needles Summer Lady Blazer $49.99

Spoiler Alert!  The answer was yes.

Based on the picture above, it is hard to imagine this jacket in a less hipster way.  But looking solely at the fabric, I like the slightly tropical, but vintage feel of the print.  There is a nice balance between bold colors and soft neutrals to keep it from being too over-the-top.  I also like the ruched 3/4-sleeve which is a nice detail for those of us with longer arms trying to wear a juniors-cut jacket.

Note the purple and red...2 of Fall's top colors

After finding such success with my Forever21 blazer, I am confident in this purchase because of the blazer's versatility.  The floral blazer works with dress attire for work and casual pieces (i.e. denim) for a laid-back yet polished look.  There is nothing I love more than a statement piece that is surprisingly neutral.

This floral blazer is the perfect August combo; on-sale and something you can wear into Fall.

And P.S.....floral is going to continue to be a trend for Fall.

CCTip:  Shop online for the best end of summer deals.  Summer sale merchandise is pretty much out of stores by this time of year and what is leftover on the sale rack is usually gross.

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