Keep It Simple Summer

Lately I just want to keep it simple.

I am drawn to easy pieces that aren't fussy and can be worn alone or with the more statement items in my wardrobe.

This dress did not get the best reviews but I happen to like it.  For summer, it's a nice weight and can be worn just with simple accessories. It can also be dressed-up with a statement necklace or under a jacket...sometimes even all of the above.  I think this dress has a nice polish despite being simple, and most important, comfortable.  I like it so much I own it in black and grey.

Keep It Simple Summer
As far as accessories, I live for sandals that mix black and brown.  All you need is one pair!  This oversized clutch is to die for and under $20.  I promise you people will think it's designer.  I also have been on the hunt for simple gold star studs similar to the Gorjana pair.  This pair for only $8?  Done.  If there is one piece of jewelry that people love of mine, it is this cheapie chevron necklace.  I am not sure why but I will take it.  Especially for $4.  I like to layer mine with shorter, more delicate necklaces.

This is my favorite lip gloss for summer.  For some reason the image is waaaaaaay more orange than it is in real life.  The gloss also has a bit of a shimmer (that you also can't tell from the picture) but have no fear, the shimmer is not scary.  This BB Citrus gloss is just the perfect subtle shimmer that almost looks like you are wearing nothing except better.

I think this is going to be my mantra for summer: keep it simple.  Really it is your simple pieces that serve as the important foundation to your wardrobe. I think this sets me up for fashion success.

CCTip:  I don't mind taking extra care when washing my less expensive garments.  Whether it's washing by hand or dry cleaning, I feel like I am extending the life of my clothing and therefore extending my savings by making the extra effort.

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