Red Shoe Heaven

Red + Ankle Straps + Midi Heel = Shoe Heaven.

I am so relieved that midi heels are a thing this Fall.  Ever since Rachel Zoe said kitten heels were pointless, my heart has been broken because I love a smaller heel.  This season I will take my heels up about an inch but still firmly planted in that comfort zone of under 3 inches.

Red is always classic and a pair of red pumps has been on my wish list since last Fall.  That being said, the wild card here is the ankle strap.  Ankle strap shoes have been on the scene since Spring but now are officially in.  Believe it or not, ankle strap shoes are actually flattering.  By highlighting the thinnest part of your leg, your legs appear longer and leaner.  Done and done.

Fine.  Blake Lively is a bad example because she is perfection but you get the point.

So here's the deal.  Red shoes were on my wish list to begin with.  With this affordable pair from Sole Society, I am getting two trends for the price of one plus filling a perceived (read: not actual) hole in my wardrobe.  I am honestly having a hard time thinking of a more practical purchase.

CCTip:  Sole Society has the best feature, "Shop The Look" which features outfit ideas for each shoe. Perfect for if you are unsure on how to try a new trend.