You Rasscal

I feel like I have committed to warm weather dressing.  There have been some questionable days where I have not worn tights when my legs had zero self-tanner.  It was shocking.

The reason I bring this up, is my transition to a warm weather wardrobe reminds me I purged most my sandals last year and now have a sandal opportunity.

Steve Madden 'Rasscal'
$89.95 at Steve Madden  To Buy

I have been looking for a flat or slight wedge sandal that somehow involved tan and black mixed together.  I love the coral addition as well.  The 1" wedge also adds a little lift compared to a normal flat.  These sandals are perfect because they will look good with shorts and dresses as well as my transitional denim.  The price tag is not too lofty but I still may wait to see if they get marked down.

There are some other interesting color combinations of this sandal including some that involve rope straps.  This combo is marked down to $63.  My second favorite option is the teal and white.

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