Mirror, Mirror

Scarf print is a big trend for Spring that I think will have some legs come Fall.

I have been on the hunt for something scarf print and affordable but have not had much luck.

Generally lack of success leads to me to make bad fashion decisions.

See Exhibit A.

Mirrored Scarf Print Skirt
$13.80 at Forever21  To Buy

I am pretty confident this skirt is going to be too short and too tight which is always a winning combination when you are referring to a heavily-printed bottom.  But for $14, I thought it was a worthwhile risk.  Stuff of this nature tends to sell out quickly online so I had to act fast.  All this considered, I think I am setting myself up for failure but am optimistic for a pleasant surprise.

I am also intrigued by the blouse they pair with the skirt....

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