CC Stands For Colorblock Cardigan

Sometimes I feel like I pick on J.Crew.

It's not that I don't like J.Crew because I really do.  It's just than an average person like myself cannot continually afford to invest in their stylish classics...as tempting and practical as they may be.

Featherweight Cotton Cardigan
$72.50 at J.Crew  To Buy

Sometimes a basic cardigan needs some jazzin' up.  A colorblocked cardigan achieves just that: fashion and function together as one in knitwear.  This style cardigan is appropriate for a professional wardrobe while also being perfectly casual with jeans and a simple tank.

Colorblock Cardigan
$49.50 at The Limited  To Buy

The colors might be flipped on this cardigan but that is okay with me because I prefer more yellow anyway.  If you are looking for a cardigan with a bit more polish, this cardigan is perhaps more your speed.  It is also $25 less than the J.Crew version but I wonder if you are getting the same amount of versatility?

As much as I am always up for a savings, I feel a stronger attachment to the J.Crew version because I absolutely love the pink and navy combo.

This might be the rare occasion where I think it is worth spending a bit more money.  For the extra $30, the J.Crew cardigan is more versatile and can be worn across your entire wardrobe.  A colorblock cardigan in general packs value, especially one that can be worn dressy or casual.  

Score 1 for J.Crew in the CC books!

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