Gingham Kitten Heels

The other day CC Mommy shared with you her gingham style.

Today I am going to reveal a pair of shoes that have been hot on my radar for months.

One can't help but see how the ShoeMint Karen was inspired by the Miu Miu gingham slingbacks that were everywhere circa last year.

Although these Miu Mius would set you back well over $500, you cannot deny their versatility.  I mean look how cute they are with a pair of jeans?

So this is our point.  Not only is gingham a versatile fabric in general but it also makes for a highly versatile shoe.  A gingham kitten heel can be worn casual with jeans or dressed up with a pencil skirt.

Gingham Shoes // Casual
Gingham Shoes // Professional
Items same as above except H&M Pencil Skirt $23.

I love a shoe that works both casual and dressed-up.  All we have to do is change the bottom of each outfit and keep everything else the same and the shoe works in both cases.  That might build a strong argument for making an investment in the Miu Mius last year but I think these gingham kitten heels are a cute and affordable alternative.  Plus who wants to troll eBay for worn shoes?

I just wish the Karens really took the imitation is the most sincere form of flattery seriously and found a way to add those dang bows on the back.  They are darling.

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