On The CC Radar: Loft Necklaces

LOFT has a ton of cute stuff right now but I feel like they are truly shining in their necklace selection.

Loving Loft Necklaces

This is just a sampling of the cute stuff LOFT has in-store.  I love the tassel detail both in beads and yarn.  This season you will see a ton of tassels as they are a big trend in accessories and apparel.  If tassels on your clothing feel too hippie for you, then a necklace is the perfect place to test drive this trend.

So cute with a navy tank. What an unexpected combo...heart.

These prices are on the high side but LOFT tends to run lots of promotions that help lower their prices.  I will for sure keep an eye out for these to go on sale as I am really into the Fireball Wooden options.  I love a good wooden necklace.  Plus this one has rhinestones which I can never resist.

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