Thanksgiving Tradition

One of my favorite things to do Thanksgiving morning is scroll through my email and check out all the online offers pre-Black Friday.

My two newest obsessions are the revamped [J.Crew Factory website] and outerwear.

I have been eyeing this coat for some time and almost bought it at 30% off:

Lo and behold Thanksgiving morning it was 40% off plus another 15%, so I ended up saving over $100.  I am thankful for super savings!

I love the color, collar and waistline.  In my opinion, outerwear is one of the most critical elements of a wardrobe.  A well-fitted coat makes any outfit look awesome with little to no effort.  That is why I always look for a coat with a defined waist.  A defined waist creates a feminine silhouette and keeps the coat from looking like a tent.  I just hope when it arrives I love it as much in-person.  Fingers crossed.

How perfect is [this outfit]?  I am sure this will lead me on a hunt for a cobalt blue turtleneck.

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