Beauty Buy #11: Clinique Black Honey

I know that I am pretty late to the Black Honey game as this shade from Clinique is consistently a best-seller. As [mentioned earlier], burgundy is the en vogue color of the moment which also includes beauty. Burgundy, berry, merlot and all shades in between have been on every celeb and runway this season.

Charlize Theron

Here is the thing.  I am very pale and do not need to look more washed out / ghost-like than I already do when my version of a "tan" fades.  I received a tip that Black Honey Almost Lipstick is a subtle way to wear the burgundy lip trend without too much drama.  I have been pleased thus far with the results and enjoy the consistency of this almost lipstick.  It has color but is sheer enough to make it appropriate for daytime wear.  Most important, it does not wash me out or make me look like a vamp.


I stumbled upon Black Honey on a trend search but I can see why it is so popular.  It is a universally flattering shade even for those who typically do not like a bold lip.  I would recommend it to anyone looking for an updated look and might be interested in trying a trend without going overboard.  When burgundy has come and gone, you will still find yourself wearing your Black Honey.

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