Minty Fresh

So while we are drawing fashion inspiration from MCs, it is only fair we look to our #1 ladies fashion lover, Kanye for a little minty fresh styling.

There was some controversy surrounding this look as the fashion police assumed Kanye was yet again wearing women's clothing.  Well, the joke is on them because Acne makes this sweater in a men's and women's version.  Yet again Kanye laughs at our silly assumptions.

Mid eye-roll

While I have some concerns with his overall look, I can't help but love the combination of a mint knit sweater with gold jewelry.  Mint is one of Spring's hottest colors and this combo is definitely "wear now."  Gets the Spring Fever going!

By the way, the female version of Kanye's sweater costs $385.  Yikes!  Below are some more affordable sweater/necklace options in mint and gold, all under $100 combined.

Can you guess which Kanye-inspired minty fresh option is my favorite?  What option do you prefer?

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