All-Black Attire: Fashion All-Star

If there is one thing I know about this CC community, it's you readers love your sports...and your Pitbull.

Totally the direction I thought Couture Cheapskate was headed when it was conceived two years ago.

No judgement here because these are clearly my life's two passions.

So while some of you may have been watching the fashion bonanza commonly referred to as the Oscars, our beloved Pitbull was performing the halftime show during the NBA All-Star game.  And because we know Pitbull is basically the most fashionable human being alive, male or female, this was the real red carpet.

Fine.  His all-black ensemble is not that out-of-the-ordinary and not something we haven't seen him rock before...I still can't help but be impressed with his commitment to gentleman dressing at all times...especially when an Adidas sweatsuit would have passed as acceptable attire.

In honor of Pitbull, I present a female interpretation of his all-black, tuxedo-jacket based All-Star look:

NBA All-Star: Pitbull

Items included in set: All Saints 'Rois' Tuxedo Shirt $65, J Crew 3/4 Sleeve Perfect Stretch Shirt $65, Forever21 Satin Collar Blazer $33, EXPRESS Studio Stretch Black 'Columnist' Pant $70, Kelsi Dagger Frances Flats $62, Kelsi Dagger 'Laurie' Pumps $80, BCBG Max Azria Studded Clutch $108, Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Sunnies' Necklace $58, Wet Seal Rubber Watch with Rhinestones $15, Tinley Road Crystal Hoop Earrings $20, Carrera sunglasses $120, Hilts-Willard 'Ann' Leather Gloves $69, Juicy Couture Perforated Leather Bow Belt $48, Apt.9 Square Buckle Belt $26

For those of you who care, the best moments of the game came when Dwyane Wade flagrant fouled Kobe Bryant and broke Kobe's nose.  LeBron James turned the ball over in the last seconds to prevent his team from winning.  Fail.  And of course Derrick Rose was a class-act MVP taking the game seriously when the rest of the East starters were acting the fool dancing during introductions.  Correction.  I love Dwight Howard, the human bobble head, so he can pop and lock away.

And Derrick was caught on camera giving LeBron a dirty look.  I love passive aggressive disdain on the court set to dance music.

D.Rose...far left...next to lame LeBron

Fashion-wise, Derrick changed his shoes, one pair per half, so that earns him style points in my book.  He also signed a $260 million shoe deal with Adidas. Fashion for the win!

For the record, obviously GP would be "Best Dressed" at the Oscars.  She was wearing Tom Ford for goodness' sake.  That combination will never lose...even if there is a cape involved...which I love BTW.  She looks like a modern princess.  I can't even comprehend the amount of style and excellent taste when it comes to the combination of Gwyneth Platrow and Tom Ford.  It makes my computer smoke just typing it.  So overwhelming.


My new lady that I love is Jessica Chastain and I would give her a close second in Alexander McQueen.  Black and gold embroidery rules. Not to mention her hair and make-up are simply stunning.  She also has a three-legged dog, I mean...how cute is that?

Okay...we started out talking about Pitbull and ended up here talking about a three-legged dog.  How did that happen?  I don't know but the bottom line is in a sea of fashion, an all-black ensemble ala Pitbull, is always sleek and stylish.  Not to mention easy to execute.

A well drawn-up, game-winning play if you will.  One that will win you a gold statuette!  A fashion all-star for certain!  Ahhh.  All random ramblings are now connected.

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