2 More Pieces at H&M

While at H&M, I found two more super stylish pieces at an exceptional value.

H&M Houndstooth Dress
$17.95 at H&M  To Buy

Well, I didn't buy the dress the other day because truthfully, I already bought it back in September but in the white and black houndstooth.  Houndstooth was all the rage this Fall so I thought for $17.95, it was an easy pop piece.  The material is a thicker knit so it does not cling and the shape is more boxy so it hides any muffin top.  Because the dress is knit, you are able to wear it four seasons which is an insane value.

When I bought the white option the pink was not available which devastates me to see it now.  I think it would look so cute with my new green pumps also from H&M.

Green Suede Pumps
$24.95 at H&M  To Buy

My other find is a little less exciting but you really can't beat a nice blazer.

Short Boucle Jacket
$49.95 at H&M  To Buy

I love the color orange but it doesn't look good on me so an orange, black and white boucle blend is the perfect alternative.  I am impressed with the fit of this jacket for the price tag.  It has nice tailoring and the proportions are just right.  You can't help but think of Chanel whenever you see a tweed jacket so that is always a good thing.  This jacket is less sweet and more funky though.  I also sized-up for a bit more length.

A jacket like this is perfect for Spring with blouses, dresses and even with jeans...so versatile.  The outfit below is how I intend to wear the jacket at work. Substitute jeans and a t-shirt for a more casual, yet pulled-together, look.  Another four-season wonder.

Even if I had snatched up these two pieces, my total bill would have been less than $200 at H&M.  I would have a total of seven versatile pieces that are stylish, easy, modern and comfortable.  I can also wear all of the pieces throughout the entire year giving me many wardrobe options.

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