$100 at H&M

This weekend my husband was a good sport and took me to the extra awesome H&M so I could hunt for a pair of floral pants.

I run around that place as fast as I can knowing I don't have much time.  I am on a frantic mission grabbing all the pieces that only the bigger stores receive. Especially those that scream "Novelty! Limited quantities!"

Well, zero pairs of floral pants later, I did end up with 5 pieces for $100.  So gold star for me for exceptional shopping skills and gold star for my husband for having the patience to deal with this situation.

Speaking of gold...

Gold Sweater
$9.95 at H&M  To Buy

This is the sweater currently featured in the H&M advertisements.  The fabric is super weird and you will definitely have mixed emotions over it.  But here's the thing...it's $10 and not going to last long on the rack at that price.  The person working there said they had a $50 version of this sweater earlier in the year and that he couldn't believe they had any left.  Metallic will be big this Spring and I feel like there are many styling options once I get over the stiff, painted knit.

H&M Black Floral Dress
$24.95 at H&M  To Buy

This is actually the print of the pair of pants I went specifically to H&M to find.  No pants were spotted so I figured a knit dress in the same print would be the next best thing.  Believe it or not, this dress somewhat replaces the J.Crew Jules Dress in my heart.  I love the bright coral/teal/green combo and think it is a more funky version of the J.Crew dress that speaks more to my style...not to mention for almost $100 less.  Plus, these H&M knit dresses are great to layer under jackets such as my black leather jacket.  And how cute would my coral ruffled shoes be with this dress?

Pink Peplum Top
$17.95 at H&M To Buy

Peplums!  Peplums!  Peplums!  It is all about the peplum this Spring, specifically peplums on skirts.  Well, as you could imagine, peplums are tough to pull off if you are wider through the hips.  Hence, for ladies like myself, a peplum flowing from the top versus from a skirt is a more flattering option.  I am on the fence with this top though.  The smaller size offers more flare and volume but is shorter whereas the larger size is longer for my torso but does not offer as much poof.  Full disclosure: my shirt is actually green and will be worn underneath this sweater.

H&M Green Pumps
$24.95 at H&M  To Buy

I have been looking for green pumps like this fooooorever and then to score them for $25....I mean, what did I do to deserve this good fortune?  For $25, I was actually impressed with the quality and do not think they look that far off from my hot pink Nine West kitten heels.  Coincidentally, these pumps also come in hot pink!  I am still working through if I think these shoes would match my new floral dress.  TBD.  I do know my vision for these shoes was based on this Levi's ad campaign from a few years ago except my vision is more cropped and cuffed denim with a slight distressing.

Last but not least, I cannot find an image for the leggings I bought for $12.95.  But!  What I can tell you is they are the same print as this dress that I own so use your imagination.  I was thinking they would look cool with a long black blazer but this look is just not coming together as I had planned.  They could be a return so I don't think you are missing much.

All in all, I am happy with my investment.  I feel like I found 4 (maybe 5) pieces that make a statement on their own but are also versatile enough to work with many pieces I already own.  All this style selected in under 20 minutes.  Dang.

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