Sometimes in the summer you have to do some off-season shopping to really maximize your savings.

Take, for example, one of my favorite style-setters, Kate Moss, sporting a mint green fur coat:

While I am not endorsing her coat, one thing I can get on board with are her Isabel Murant Blackson boots.

However, said boots will set you back a mere $1300.  I guess if you are wearing a 3/4 length mint fur coat, money is not of concern for you.  But it is for me.  That is why I have been eyeing these boots from everyone's favorite copycat Steve Madden.

The Madden boots are not an exact imitation, but knowing our buddy Steve, I'm sure the Marants were the inspiration.  I can't hate though.  For $50 bucks, I am down with these boots. And although not necessarily a summertime purchase, the price is pretty awesome.  Besides being about $1200 less than the Marants, these boots have been marked down from $130, which is a savings of $80 bucks.

Perhaps these stylish yet affordable boots are worth purchasing now and holding onto for Fall?

Allegedly Fall is going to be all about the rock star style.  These boots from last year feel like a good way to get started.  You can't beat the price as they are on sale from last Fall.  Plus, doesn't the weather feel a little fall-like right now anyway?

Although many stores are promoting summer sales, this is not the lowest prices will go so if you can wait, do so.  That being said, now is a great time to pick-up fall/winter items from last season before they are cleared out to make room for new fall inventory circa July.

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