CC Mommy Presents: The Braided Racerback Tank

CC Mommy is here with a cute and affordable tank top that I think works for Moms and non-Moms who struggle with hiding their mid-section when the temperatures rise.

During my almost daily check at Forever21.com, I came across this braided racerback tank.  I initially took a closer look because of the cool hunter green color but quickly realized the relaxed, flowy fit could make it a summer staple worthy of purchasing in black and white as well (only a $10.80 price tag).

See...I am wearing shorts.

Upon becoming a mom, I've notice that my summer style has changed a bit.  Pre-baby I often found myself wearing some sort of fitted tank.  And while I still love my tank tops, I am less enamored with my post-baby mid-section which is not flattered by anything super-fitted.

What happened to my waist?

braided racerback tank

This top will be super comfortable yet also flattering.  It will also lend itself well to one of my favorite summer trends: printed skinny jeans and shorts.  I plan on wearing a bandeau in lieu of a bra but think this tank can also be layered with another tank top underneath if you need more support.

CC Not The Mommy Says:  What happened to my waist?  Sounds like this tank would work for my muffin top from too many Skinny Cows and Scandal-watching on the couch.  I also like the length of this tank for us longer torso gals.

CC Mommy Tip:  I happen to like Forever21's skinny jeans (lots of elastic and great prices) but I have also seen many cute printed skinny jeans at Gap and JCPenney.

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