On the Sale Rack -- Cheap & Chic Finds

Ordinarily I am not the biggest sale shopper.  I have learned through my years in retail, it is on the sale rack for a reason....no one is buying it. 

That being said, the weeks after 4th of July are usually when prices are at their lowest and discounts at their highest.  By 4th of July, retailers are already thinking Fall which means you can get summer stuff for around 75% off their regular price.

Here are some super cheap yet fabulous finds:

Outdoor Red / Orange Geometric Patio Pillows
$3.24 each at Target Stores

These pillows will make your patio look stylish and work indoors for fall as well.  A durable fabric that prevents staining and holds up in the elements.  They also come in a blue / turquoise combo which is equally cute.

Skinny Studded Belt
$24.99 at gap.com

This belt looks awesome over a long cardigan or with a feminine dress.  If you have a blousy tunic that looks maternity, use the belt to create a waist.  It adds a little edge without being too obvious.  Definitely an accessory that can do year-round duties.  I recommend going a size smaller than normal to wear more around the waist than hip for a more flattering fit.  Tuck the end of the belt into itself if too long.

I also recommend visiting a Gap store ASAP to check out their sale belt selection...lots of great pieces to wear into fall for less than $15 each that are not available online.  One belt makes an outfit and worth the extra effort.

CC Tip:  During summer sales, prices online are usually higher than in stores, as is the case with both items listed above.  Selection might be less picked over online but will also be more expensive.

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