Beauty Buy #1 -- Oil of Olay Regenerist Thermal Mini-Peel

Kate Somerville is my skin care dream come true.  However, she is also a pricey dream.  One of the products she recommends for any skin type and any age woman is some sort of glycolic treatment.  Her version sells for around $90 and suggests bi-weekly usage.   

Enter our friend Oil of Olay.  After years of not taking care of my face, glycolic acid has helped me reset my skin.  Don't let the word acid scare you!  It doesn't burn!  All the glycolic acid does is polish your skin by stripping away old dead skin cells and turnover healthy, fresh ones.

Oil of Olay has a wonderful product in their Regenerist line named Thermal Mini-Peel.  It is a product which not only contains glycolic acid but also hydrates and nourishes.  Bonus points for a warming features that activates when combined with water.  To Oil of Olay's point, it is like a mini spa treatment in the comfort of your own home.

Although the price tag is still $21 for one bottle, a little goes a long way.  You can get away using it once or twice a week.  One bottle can last for about 3 months or more.  For extra savings, Ulta usually has $3 off a $10 purchase offer as well.  Again, the results are worth spending a little extra.

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I love Oil of Olay!