I Would Die

Fashion could kill me….literally. Literally, I would die if I allowed my never-ending fashion obsession to satiate itself. I would die because either I would no longer be able to afford shelter or I would starve. And I am all for making sacrifices for fashion but the reality is, I want it all, but I cannot afford it all.

Naturally, I made the best decision any fashion junkee would do, work in fashion because then you get a discount! Wrong. Just because you get a discount does not necessarily mean you will spend less because you just buy more. But! What I have learned through all my years on the job, is the tricks of the trade and how to get high-fashion while still being able to afford necessities such as oatmeal and a roof.

What I intend to do is share with you where and what you can buy to look of the moment, stylish, hip, put-together, realistic without sacrificing every dollar in your soon-to-be more full and fabulous handbag.

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