Flounce and Flare

So now that we are friends on Pinterest, we can have deep conversations about all the wonderful fashions we are viewing on a daily basis.

One outfit I have been obsessed with is this outfit featured in Lucky magaizne.

Side note: I don't intend to make everything about Pinterest going forward.

But! The great reveal here is the skirt shape. Previously I didn't enjoy a tulip flare silhouette but for some reason this outfit spoke to me and I had a change of my fashion-focused heart.

A flounce skirt is sort of a win-win.  If you have hips, the flare adds balance whereas if you are more straight through the hips, the flare creates some feminine curves.  This skirt is also a nice balance of structure and movement.  The pencil shape is sleek and professional.  The flounce is flirty and fluid.  Like I said...win-win-win-win.

Flounce Skirt For Fall

I love this outfit for many reasons but mainly because it's something to wear-now for this awkward, in-between time of year.  Cream chunky sweaters are officially on my radar and I think it is the next item up on my wish list.  Like the flounce skirt, I wasn't that crazy about this Rebecca Minkoff clutch but now I am having second thoughts.  This ALDO option is more affordable for almost the same look.  These burgundy shoes are amazing. I have a similar Sam Edelman pair that I wear to death.  Let's add a funky pearl ring and spiked bracelet set for contrast.  My favorite "almost lipstick" and Fall's hottest nailpolish shade complete this Pinteresting look.  Oh and there is a leather bow barrette.  I love it.

Happy Fall people.

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