Fall All-Stars

Mid-September features two major returns: the NFL and Fall fashion.

And like the NFL, in fashion, you always play your All-Stars to ensure victory.

Fall All-Stars

Leather: Leather is the foundation fabric of any Fall wardrobe. The good news is there are many affordable faux options available at every price point.

Lace: The thing with lace is that it never really goes away no matter the season.  For Fall, it takes a darker, more noir turn in mysterious black.  Or gets a pop in jewel tones.

Leopard: Animal print is a year-round classic but feels more at-home in cooler temperatures.

Red: Red is a go-to color every season, however, this season red is more atop the color chart than usual as a new neutral.

Fur: I only like fur of the faux variety and fur is the perfect accent to make any look more luxe.

Studs: Hard core stud details are more abundant during Fall as fabrics become heavier.

When analyzing your Fall closet, these classics are your no-brainer players that you build the rest of your wardrobe around.

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