Smitten Kitten

One of my favorite recent purchases  has been this dress:

If you look close enough, you will notice the print is actually cats.  How clever!

Hot pink cats rule.

Now I consider myself much more of a dog person but I just couldn't resist.  Besides being kind of adorable, the fit of this dress is also flattering.  And it has pockets!  Why does every woman love a pocket on a dress?  I think the "wedge" portion of this dress is the shorter in the front, longer in the back silhouette that is a nice little touch.

I plan on wearing this to work with my whiskey boots, tights and a black blazer.  When the weather turns warmer, I will go for red shoes like the model.

CCTip:  LOFT has 60% off sale.  This dress can be your's for $24. 

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