Wanted: Spring Eye Shadow Palette

Last week I finally threw out 3 eyeshadow palettes I had been holding onto for years despite really not using.

Of course this has now created an opening in my cosmetics carrier that I feel compelled to fill.

Which one should I get?

 Bobbi Brown Ultra Nude Eye Palette
$45 at Bobbi Brown  To Buy

Urban Decay Naked2
$50 at Sephora  To Buy

Stila In The Moment Eye Shadow Palette
$39 at Sephora  To Buy

You know Bobbi Brown makes my favorite eye shadow of all time and these colors seem like perfect sparkly neutrals for everyday wear.  People are obsessed with this Urban Decay Naked2 palette so much so that is regularly sells out.  I feel like I need to know what all the fuss is about.  But!  The Stila palette has a nice mixture of shades and an eyeliner for an exceptional value.

Decisions, decisions.

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