Tribal Sequin Skirt Savings

I have really been into skirts lately, don't ask me why.

Besides being into skirts, I have always been into any kind of print that resembles "Aztec" aka this season's interpretation of tribal aka two season's ago ikat.

Enter this skirt from Express:

Embellished Sequin Mini Skirt
$59.90 at Express  To Buy

I know what you all are thinking.  That skirt is short and I would respectfully agree. Hence the reason I am ordering a larger size to hopefully get some additional length.  The advantage of a knit skirt!  The styling possibilities are endless.  Black turtleneck and jacket with tights and pumps...amazing.  A chambray shirt and flats...double amazing.

And besides being into skirts and tribal print, I am always into savings.  This skirt bears a striking resemblance to a much more expensive option from All Saints.

Newaz Skirt
$275 at All Saints  To Buy

Obviously the more expensive skirt has more beading and detail but I can't be trusted with that much intricacy.  It is an accident waiting to happen by way of a snag.  I am willing to sacrifice some luxury for an exceptional savings.

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