Neon Magenta Snake

I feel like I can't stop talking about shoes lately.  'Tis the season I guess.

But when you see the words neon, magenta and snake, it is hard to not mention.

Lilly Pumps by INC International Concepts
$89 at Macy's  To Buy

I know I rave continuously about my Nine West hot pink kitten heels, but I definitely have a crush on these pumps.  The color is fabulous and the snake suede finish is just the right luxe touch for a designer-inspired look.  These pumps look far more expensive in-person and definitely could pass for a well-over $200 pair of pumps.

All you need now is a sweet grey dress and you can be Emma Stone!  Except her shoes are almost $800.

And I am not sure Emma's can officially be called neon magenta snake?

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