CC Crew Creations: Statement Necklace

Continuing with this week's series featuring CC's fashionable friends in New Orleans, I would like to introduce you to CCN. 

CCN might go down in history as one of the best sports as she cheerfully endured a ghost tour, sweltering heat and an almost 2-hour trolley ride stuck to my sweaty leg because we were packed in like sardines.  Did I mention CCN is pregnant?  CCN was the epitome of an expectant mother: responsible and of course, fashionable.

(Another fashionable mom wandering the streets of New Orleans...
we did not have kids with us but there may have been Cheetos)

CCN is a walking fashion lesson.  A little statement necklace goes a long way.  A statement necklace dresses up your basics and adds instant polish.  Best ever a well-placed statement necklace draws the eye upward and becomes the focal point of your outfit.

CCN effectively mastered this twice on our NOLA weekend.

Start with a comfortable knit dress in a neutral color, a smart choice for a maternity-based wardrobe...or any wardrobe for that matter.*

Jersey Maxi Dress
$69.95 at Gap To Buy
(also available in a beautiful jade)

Empire Waist Knit Dress
$49.50 at Loft To Buy

Then the rest is easy, breezy and fun.  Pick any statement necklace you want to work back to your basic dress.  A longer strand with graduated layers will make you look taller whereas a chunkier piece that sits just below your neck draws the eye to the most flattering area of any women's body...the collar bone.  Win/Win.

Layered Island Necklace
$7.80 at Forever21 To Buy
(long & layered)

Tinley Road Peach Cluster Drop Necklace
$34 at Piperlime To Buy

What I love most about CCN's outfits is that even though she is dressed as a Mom-to-Be, us non-expecting ladies could use these same tricks and wear these same outfits.  A good fashion trick knows no body type...or due date.  Plus it's easy to pull together and comfortable to wear.  Besides who doesn't love an empire waist?

Oh CCN, you and Angelina keeping the streets of New Orleans fashionable one Mom at a time and apparently one black maxi dress at a time.

*I should note that neither dress CCN wore was maternity-wear.  CCN's dresses were also not either dress above but similar to hers in color and/or style.

CC Tip:  This never gets old...

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