The Best Day of the Year

The best day of the year is this Sunday, June 26th.

Some may think this date indicates some sort of major sale breaking or a new product finally being available.

Not the case...this Sunday means True Blood is back!

I seriously get giddy, excited stomach thinking about it. I can't wait.  I love that Sookie Stackhouse.

And just in case I need to wear appropriately themed make-up as I view my tv obsession, tarte has it covered.

tarte for True Blood Limited Edition Palette
$52 (a $331 value) To Buy

I am going to go ahead and assume this is not a necessary purchase to enjoy the show but I do kind of like a few of the shades...and I do get expert tips from True Blood's award-winning lead make-up artist.  Is there a potential weak moment purchase in my future?  Ah, Sookie.

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