Beauty Buy #7: Watermelon Slice Shower Smoothie

Watermelon Slice 3-in-1 Shower Smoothie
$9.99 at Ulta To Buy 

So it hasn't really felt much like summer the last few weeks but every morning in my shower it sure does!  I am really feeling this Shower Smoothie product from Ulta in my all-time favorite fruit flavor, watermelon.  If you liked watermelon-flavored Hubba Bubba as kid, this is all you.  It will take you back to that place.  The formula is actually pretty decadent and silky; perfect for shaving legs or as a body wash.  For $9.99 you get a lot of volume for not a lot of dough.

Besides smelling great and making me feel young again, the Watermelon Slice Shower Smoothie just makes me happy and that is priceless.

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