2nd Best Day Of The Year: Holler B

I basically have had the most exciting week ever between the True Blood season premiere and Beyonce's new album coming out today.

I love Beyonce.  She is my girl.  I live my life for her.  She is a little crazy, super classy and hands-down the best performer ever...I mean she sings and dances a whole show in 5 inch heels.  Even if you don't like her music, you have to be impressed by that seeing how I can't make it through a whole night in heels.

Beyonce is also the only concert where I got a little choked up when she came out onto the stage...I was an adult when this happened so feel free to judge.*

My favorite Beyonce songs:

5.  "Dangerously In Love"

4.  "Irreplaceable"

3.  "Deja Vu" (f. Jay-Z)

2.  "Upgrade U" (f. Jay-Z)

1.  "Crazy In Love"  (live from Singapore) *Said moment would be here

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