Sunday Shopping

It is not often my husband and I go shopping together.  I bet that is shocking news.  However today was different.  Coincidentally we both wanted to go places so we decided to go to together and make an adventure out of it.  I dare you to guess who spent more?

Here is a recap of my finds:

Apt. 9 Ruffle Cardigan
$24.99 at Kohl's To Buy
(Also available in navy and black in-store)

I saw this cardigan online and was curious to see it in-person.  I like cardigans that have a bit more structure because when paired with pants at the office, I still look polished and put together.  No jacket necessary.  My only concern was that it looked a bit short-waisted online.  Confirmed.  Not for me but would look great on my more petite lady friends at the office or with jeans, a white tank and fun necklace.  Tres J. Crew.

Simply Vera by Vera Wang Splatter Paint Tank
$14.99 at Kohl's To Buy

This one took me a couple seconds to absorb.  Did I love it or was I grossed out by it?  Deep thoughts at Kohl's.  In-person the orange and blue spots are much brighter giving the top a very spring feel.  Of course that just begs me to pair it back to my black blazers and cardigans as I do with all of my Simply Vera knits.  I will be ordering my size online along with...

LC by Lauren Conrad Zander Platform Sandal
$44.99 at Kohl's To Buy

Just call me LC.  And I wish these sandals could magically transport me to Laguna Beach.  I found these to be a nice looking sandal for the cost and am confident when worn to work, many will ask, "who are those?" to which I will mutter "LC" under my breath.  I am still concerned about the platform but I am getting better and many swear they make the shoe more comfortable.  I think we already know what I am pairing this with in my head.

This concludes the Kohl's portion of my shopping trip.  My husband totally got stuck being "that guy" holding my purse while I was hunting for these in my size.

Next onto:

Bandolino Hover Pump
$59.95 at DSW To Buy
(Not available online at dsw.com and $69 at Macy's)

I have been eyeing these shoes at Macy's for a little while now.  They remind of Chanel with a 3-D Valentino-like bow.  Of course nothing could ever be that amazing but for around $60, I can settle for almost.  I am always fond of spectator during the summer and think these will be the perfect neat finish to the many little black dresses I wear during the summer.  If there hadn't been some weird glue mark on the bow, these would have been coming home with me.

Enzo Angiolini Cristle Pump
$59.95 at DSW
(not this pair exactly and N/A online)
These are Piperlime

I have bought this style shoe from Enzo Angiolini in a couple colors because this shoe just works for me.  I find it very comfortable to my foot despite having a 4-inch heel.  I walked the strip of Vegas multiple times in one pair and could wear my red pair all day at work with no issues.  The red pair was so wonderful my dog ate them.  So now that there is an ikat version, my favorite pattern, these will be in my closet at some point soon.  I did not buy them today because the ones at DSW had a little peach in them and I prefer the grey.

Last but not least, I finally bought this:

White Ceramic Vase
$16.99 at Cost Plus World Market
(sadly no longer online)

I had a coupon so with tax this vase cost $13 and is quite substantial.  Modern with a vintage touch.  I love the contrast of stark white against bold flowers and my black table.  Now I just have to work on my flower arranging skills. 

So to recap, all I bought today was the vase above but there are definite future plans to follow-up on some of my findings.  I had to talk my husband out of a fedora (we agreed we thought it could be a girl's hat) and he was actually the shopper o' the day finding multiple pairs of casual summer shoes that he really needed.  I will save that riveting post for later.

Have a great week CC friends!

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