Return Of The "I Think I Like...But I'm Not Sure"

Exciting news!  Shopping Hiatus 2011 ended Tuesday!

It is sad how excited I was to take my maiden voyage back to Forever 21.  If I wasn't wearing Uggs, I would have ran.  It felt like Christmas morning and I was 8.

Well rain on my parade, I walked away with one measly necklace for $3.80.

Because I am a survivor I couldn't let that stop me.  Of course out of respect, I had to at least give H&M a chance to capture some of my saved dollars.

Hence, the yellow tiered-ruffle dress that came home with me for $19.95 and now has left me feeling uncertain.  The last 48 hours have been consumed by me pondering one of life's biggest questions, "do yellow tiered ruffles really look good on anyone who is not a model?"

Here is my knee jerk reaction: the dress is cute but there is a good chance I am double this model's size.  When I tried it on, I was wearing leggings, a black blazer, my knee high whiskey boots (duh) and one of my long chain necklaces.  It appeared to me very cute.

But keep in mind, I have been on the Hiatus and my judgement could be impaired.

I think there are a million ways to style this dress.  It will look super cute with my new leather jacket and white summer blazer.  I love how in the look below with a buttoned-up top, the dress actually looks more like a skirt.  Bonus!

So I guess for $19.95 I am going to take my chances.  Worst case scenario, I will wear it with a longer jacket or cardigan to minimize the fullness of the ruffle.  If people snicker at me, so be it.

Plus yellow ruffles make me happy and isn't that what style is all about?

Please don't call me Big Bird.

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