Italian Tangelo Candle

When the weather starts to get warm, I have a difficult time transitioning my home fragrances.  The scents that are more spring-appropriate tend to be too floral or too fruity for me.  Or I think they smell like soap.

When I saw the name of this candle, Italian Tangelo, I couldn't resist.  I ordered it scent unsmelled.

Volupsa 3oz Boxed Votive
$7 at drugstore.com To Buy
(other scents available at Anthropologie)

This candle smells just as wonderful as it sounds.  It is the perfect blend of fresh citrus and since I am having an orange moment...just perfect.  Italian tangelo, mandarin, tangerine and grapefruit make for a light scent that is both lively and welcoming.  A fun fragrance to add to your home this Spring.

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