Floral Fixation

Since I have been on Shopping Hiatus 2011, I have been looking for other affordable ways to give my spirit a little lift.

Right now I am having a major floral moment...and it has nothing to do with clothes.  Literally I am loving flowers.  In my opinion the most affordable and convenient flowers are sold at Trader Joe's.   For $15 or less you can get a mixed bouquet that is both colorful and stylish.

Right now my favorite flower is the ranunculus.  I was able to score a few bunches at TJ's for $5.99 each.  My Mom told me they are only available this time of year so I better get my fix now...and I have been.  I bought them in pink, white and this weekend in orange.  In fact when speaking of my Make-Up Jackpot, unbeknownst to me, the flower I was envisioning was a pink ranunculus. 

Being in this floral mode has brought two things to my attention.  First, I stink at floral arranging and need to get some serious guidance.  Second, I have a need for different kinds of vases for different types of flowers.  The vases in my collection are either too small or too big.

White Ceramic Round Vase
$16.99 at Cost Plus World Market To Buy

I love this modern yet sort of shabby chic white ceramic vase from Cost Plus World Market.  I am also definitely feeling orange flowers (it must be all this coral discussion) so when my ranunculus are gone, perhaps I will switch to tulips.

I am sure this floral fixation will pass, but in the meantime, every time I catch a glimpse of my fresh flowers on the mantle or table, despite my best efforts, I feel a little cheery,

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