Couture vs. Cheapskate: Studded Kitten Heel

Can you guess which studded kitten heel costs $895 vs. $140?

Pair A


Pair B

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Okay, if you squinted reallllly hard at your screen, you may have noticed the label on Pair B reads Valentino and that should have been your obvious clue that Pair B is the $895 pair.

I am well aware that Pair A is not an exact replica of Pair B, but they could be from the same family...if Ivanka Trump and Valentino were distant relatives.

The original starting point for this post is the pair pictured below that did not seem to make it to production...perhaps because it is one ankle strap shy of being a dead ringer for the Valentino pair?

Studded Kitten Heel
I am not going to lie.  I would give up my eye teeth and then some to own not only this pair of shoes but any pair of shoes from the Valentino collection.  The combo of ladylike shapes, studs, patent leather and lace is to die for and yet everything I live for.  I would sleep with them in my bed and tuck them in like little teddy bears.
If I had to pick one pair I would want these first, with at least two other pairs a close second.
Valentino Studded Leather and Lace Pumps
At Net-A-Porter.com
(Price...I am not going to even disclose, remember this is fantasy land!)
If you are not a fashion nut job like myself and perhaps have a sense of logic, then I do think Ivanka's Pair A has a lot going for it.  For starters, it is a kitten heel.  Hello, versatility and comfort!  Perfect with a pair of trousers and a pencil skirt.  A closed toe is always more polished and professional but the studs keep it from going too matronly.  Also a perfect office-to-evening option for a lady who wants a little punk in her pump after a hard day's work.
Ivanka Trump Lucirene Mid-Heel Shoe
$139.99 at dnafootwear.com To Buy

So cute peaking out from underneath a black power suit.  It says, "I am powerful and tough but in a subtle sort of way."

I would recommend this shoe to any women who wants to introduce some edge to her style but not take the full plunge into the studs and chains pool.  Plus, the kitten heel shoes in my closet definitely get the most wear because they are comfortable and work with most pant lengths.  If $140 feels a bit steep, then wait for them to go on sale.

These heels are the perfect piece to take your everyday outfits from boring to edgy but staying classy at the same time. 

How can that be possible you ask?  With a studded kitten heel of course!

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