Couture vs. Cheapskate: Pink Leather Flat

Can you guess which flats cost $485 vs. $28?

Pair A


Pair B

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One might be asking themselves how could a pair of flats cost $485?  And to that I would say because they are Lanvin.  Lanvin flats are a celebrity staple and can be found on the feet of all of our favorite famous friends.  So look for a celeb near you to be wearing Pair B in US Weekly sometime soon.

Pair A on the other hand hails from the land of Gap and can be yours for a mere $28.  I have to say the Gap's version is a decent "inspired by" option for ladies who want a chic flat and a roof over their heads.  I will admit, today at work I did a double take on a co-worker who was sporting her Gap flats and thought, "are those Lavin?" hence the post.

Guava Pink Patent City Flat
$27.99 at Gap To Buy

So many outfit options and the pink feels so Spring.  Bright and happy feet!  These flats are available in plenty of colors but why go basic when you can have fun?  Check out your local Gap to see the variety of colors available.  The nude (not available online) for some reason intrigues me.

Be prepared for fashionistas-in-the-know to do a double take as you stroll by!

CC Tip:  I find these flats to run a little small and narrow so I suggest going up a half size.

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