CC Research: Editorial Buzz

Part of my commitment to keeping the masses CC'd up is doing research to see what the budget-conscious fashion world is all a'buzz over.

Check below the images for why these items are getting so much buzz:

CC Research: Editorial Buzz

J Crew striped crewneck sweater (1.)
$128 - jcrew.com

People are obsessed with nautical stripes and if they are your thing...J. Crew is the mother ship.  Hence this sweater with sequined nautical stripes had everyone going nuts.  People went equally bonkers for this sweater with nautical stripes and confetti sprinkled sequins.  Both cute but a little out of my CC comfort level price-wise.

Old Navy linen jacket (4.)
$35 - oldnavy.gap.com

Old navy jacket (2.)
$40 - oldnavy.gap.com

As already mentioned, canvas jackets are a Spring staple and can be found at a variety of price points including Old Navy.  These two jackets are getting buzz because of their resemblance to two more expensive options from J. Crew.  Jacket 2. is a ringer for this $98 version and Jacket 4. shares the same silhouette as this $168 jacket but in a more versatile sage.

Steve Madden BEVV_B Pump (5.)
$99 - stevemadden.com

Steve Madden is no stranger to an eerily similar designer-inspired shoe.  And this pair of nude patent pumps is no exception.  For $99 you can get a pair of pumps that bare a striking resemblance to this Brian Atwood pair.  I think the Steve Madden is a hot shoe even if it is not the original.

$58 - americanapparel.net

So many people are talking about a Celine clutch/pouch thingy that made waves at Fashion Week.  Don't believe me?  Google Celine clutch pouch and see for yourself.  American Apparel now has a similar looking pouch available in 3 different sizes and a variety of colors.  I don't believe the Celine bag is in production yet but my guess is the American Apparel version will be a minimum of $500 less.  You are getting genuine leather for around $50...not bad?  And perhaps better yet, a jump start on everyone else with next season's hot handbag.

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